Elsa Maria Bruni, The time for thought… the meaning of education

The search for meaning as an existential characteristic of humans and as conditio sine qua non of the understanding of one’s own being and existence has constituted,in the socio-cultural scenario and at the foundation of work in the Humanities, a major issue for so long and is more central now than ever. This is all the more reason to address the reigning materiality that seems to impose in itself the forms and manners of the ego as much as its own cultural formation. This workaims to find in thinking the means for an appropriate rethinking of the dimensions ofthe wordeducere. Thinking, realistic and not disassociated, demands time, requires reflection, it is nourished by experience and its deep critical and logical analysis.It should be cultivated, it is a laboratory of ideas, imagination, a construction of worldviews. A pedagogy of thinking and reflecting, oriented to respecting the thinking subject and protagonist, is posited as anecessityofthe present time and scientific research because it is an opportunity of opening, of access, attributing sense to current paradigms. At the basis of pedagogical revisionism resides the idea of thought as theasset of each individual to distance themselves consciously from the estranging and dehumanisingcharacteristics of today’s social and cultural context, rediscovering their authenticity–uniqueness–humanity, recognising themselves in their individual and collective history, realizing themselves in self-knowledge.


Pubblicato su: Pensare l’educazione oltre le derive del presente N. 23 Nuova Serie – Anno XII 2016