Elena Madrussan, Disquiet of education between drifts, wrecks, horizons. The deceived turmoil of our time

It seems today that education is definitively lost in its infinite fragmentations: executive forms of actions, repetitiveness of thoughts and prescriptive languages. It’s almost like education, in the current perpetual crisis, has not clear limits and meanings anymore, because of the pressure of increasingly recent forms of “must being”, emergency and newness.

An understanding revealing key is, then, the deep resulting turmoil, which leads to an increasingly imminent nihilistic disorientation. Overshadowed by the rhetoric about social change, this disorientation seems to be instead generated by the decline of a tragically hopeless era. An era which, however, educators can fruitfully interpret and testify.


Pubblicato su: Pensare l’educazione oltre le derive del presente N. 23 Nuova Serie – Anno XII 2016