Notebooks on Education and Culture


34 – New Series – Year XVII 2021

New pornography, social relationships and education

Guest Editor: Lluís Ballester

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Lluís Ballester The new online pornography as a subject of study and as a challenge for social and educative policies

Mónica Alario, The debate on pornography: a debate about sexuality? The debate on pornography throughout history

Josep Lluis Oliver, Carlos Rosón, Manuel Noya, Beatriz Calderón-Cruz, A systematic review on the effects of the new online pornography and on the interventions for prevention of its negative consequences

Lluís Ballester Brage, Carlos Rosón Varela, Teresa Facal Fondo, Rocío Gómez Juncal, The associated mechanism of the usual consumption of new pornography by university students

Stefania Ulivieri Stiozzi, Paolo Magatti, Double gaze: analysis of a training device between presence and distance



Section edited by Fulvio Papi 


Giorgio Agamben, Quando la casa brucia. Dal dialetto del pensiero (by Gianmarco Pinciroli)

Stefan Zweig, Lettere a Hans Rosenkranz, Briefe an Hans Rosenkranz (by Chiara Gallo)

Umberto Curi, La morte del tempo (by Gianmarco Pinciroli)

Marco Revelli, Umano Inumano Postumano. Le sfide del presente (by Silvano Gregorino)

Franco Cambi, Giancarla Sola, Dante educatore europeo (by Giuliano Gozzelino)


Readings from France

Édouard Louis, Combats et métamorphoses d’une femme (by Marta Baravalle)