Margherita Cardellini, Skin colors labels used by Italian primary school’s children How does multi or mono-ethnic classrooms are influenced by intercultural educative projects?


This paper presents some of the results of a research project which has the objective to understand if and how intercultural education includes (or not) antiracism in its own theoretical framework and practices. The focus of this article is skin color labelling among primary school children involved in intercultural education project. A specific attention was dedicated to reflecting on the hidden reasons for this word choice. It will be possible to observe some relevant differences between the schools involved in the research project which differs in the ethnic composition. In that sense, words are not considered only as linguistic tools used to describe reality, but as influenced and influencing elements of reality.


Keywords: Intercultural education; Primary school; Language.

Published on: N. 31 New Series – Year XVI 2020 – Methods and practices, histories and perspectives