Gábor Csordás, The Dice of Our Judgement


In 1512 André Tiraqueau, the youthful friend of Rabelais published a book concerning the physical, psychic and mental abilities as well as the social status of the woman. This book triggered a long term debate called “la querelle des femmes”. According to a widespread opinion the Third Book of Pantagruel can be viewed as Rabelais’ contribution to this debate in which he was on the misogynous side. However, the analysis of the passages discussing the character of women and their role in the mariage show that all but one concerns men’s impaired sense of security and awareness of their threatened position. The only one which can be qualified as misogynous can not be taken as Rabelais’ personal opinion, being a summary of contemporary scientific views concerning “the suffocation of the womb”, that is the troubled conversion of female sexual desire. Consequently even this passage points toward men’s reaction upon the first signs of the social emancipation of the women. An analysis of the latter as well as the attempts of its suppression is given on the example of some woman writers of Rabelais’ days.


Pubblicato su: Pensare l’educazione oltre le derive del presente N. 23 Nuova Serie – Anno XII 2016