Massimo Canevacci

Prof_14foto_canevacci is currently teacher at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina of Florianopolis (Brasil). He has taught Cultural Anthropology at the Faculty of Sociology of the University La Sapienza of Rome. After carrying out some empirical researches on urban communication in São Paulo, which he sees as his “polyphonic city”, he has dealt with cultural syncretism, native rituals, extreme cultures, digital arts. He is editor of «Avatar», a journal that is an unusual place for the rereading of the relationship between anthropology and communication, starting from the immaterial places which are configured in the radical disjuncture with respect to paradigms, concepts, methods and ways of communicating of tradition. Among his several works published: La città polifonica (Seam, 1993); Sincretismi. Un’esplorazione nelle ibridazioni culturali (Costa & Nolan, 1995); Antropologia della comunicazione visuale (Costa & Nolan, 1995); P.J. Didattica etnografica sperimentale (Meltemi, 2002); Una stupita fattività. Feticismi visuali tra corpi e metropoli (Costa & Nolan, 2007); La linea di polvere. I miei tropici tra mutamento e autorappresentazione (Meltemi, 2007); Sincretika. Esplorazioni etnografiche sulle arti contemporanee (NdV Edizioni, 2012).


Collaborations for Paideutika


  1. Massimo Canevacci, The wonder of ethnography. Syncretic transits between aldeia and metropolis
  2. Massimo Canevacci, La dialogica e la rappresentazione. Per un’etnografia visuale applicata al corpo-metropoli – Paideutika N. 4 – Nuova Serie – Anno II – 2006