Grazia Massara, Three educational voyages in the wonder of suburbs. Pier Paolo Pasolini, intellectual against intellectuals


During the Seventies, Pasolini faces three exemplar voyages in the geographical and human suburbs of world. Ideally retracing those paths, the author works on three decisive educational focal points: the enhancement of marginality, incapable of replying to the request of social homologation ordered by consumerist dictatorship; the slow and lonely attention of the intellectual as educator; the educational metaphor of voyage as journey in search of meaning. From here it is possible to rediscover the topicality of Pasolini’s commitment from a point of view that has been little investigated, that ties the dimension of wonder (from Italy to India) to the social and educational role of the intellectual (Uccellacci Uccellini).


Published on: Intellectual Educators N. 16 New Series – Year VIII 2012