Josep Lluis Oliver, Carmen Orte, Luis Ballester, Martí Xavier March, Family competence and childhood in a social risk situation

This paper deals with the existing relation between behavioural problems and the enhancement of family competences. Many of the problems exhibited by children in a social risk situation derive from family dysfunctions. Independently from objective and material situation, an effective way to prevent future children risk behaviours is to develop family competence programs that can enhance family communication, reduce risk behaviours and, among other factors, improve childrens’ school performance. This paper deals with features of the Family Competence Program (Programa de Competencia Familiar, PCF) developed by GIFES research group, based in the University of the Balearic Islands. Moreover, we will tackle the issue of the profile of families that can benefit from participating in this program.

Key-words: Child protection services, Needs of children, social risk.


Published on: N. 28 New Series – Year XIV 2018 – On violence