Mario Gennari, Finis imperii romani: education of man in an epochal sunset

From monarchy to republic to empire, from the Greek-classic influences to the Latin-Christian turning point, the sunset of the Roman empire corresponds to a historical exemplariness. In fact, it shows how any institution is overwhelmed when it tends to calcify in order to survive. Education of man is affected by these “paradigm” changes: Greek man, Hellenist man, barbarian man, Christian man and then Byzantine man revolve in time, with their concepts of world and education, around the education of Roman man and act by transforming its constitutive structure. Social dynamism depends, then, on development of economic conditions, but also on development of educational process in individuals: interior and exterior, private and public, personal and social.


Pubblicato su: Pensare l’educazione oltre le derive del presente N. 23 Nuova Serie – Anno XII 2016