Chiara Simonigh, Chronique d’un été. Educating in planetary humanism


The movie Chronique d’un été, created by Edgar Morin and director Jean Rouch in 1960, cannot be considered, according to the traditional critical perspective, only a resounding experiment of cinema-verité designed to mark the relationship between cinematic representation and reality in the second half of twentieth century; but above all it can be considered the uncommon instrument of investigation on the dialectic between individual and social power during education in youth, as well as an efficacious instrument of reflection about the dialogical/dialogue between the democratic issue and the process of individuation and between the civil commitment and the accomplishment of human life. A dialogue that was caught in its original state in the movie, and that in any case has historically become one of the fundamentals both of contemporary civil challenge and of the “planetary humanism” wished by Edgar Morin as one of the main purpose of XXI century.


Pubblicato su: Intellectual Educators N. 16 New Series – Year VIII 2012