Tyson E. Lewis (University of North Texas, U.S.A.)


is professor of art education in the department of art education at the University of North Texas. There he teaches courses in aesthetic philosophy, critical theory, phenomenological research, and educational philosophy. While his interests are wide ranging, much of his scholarship focuses on questions related to studying, education and the senses/perception, aesthetic dimensions of education, and inoperative/profane/posthuman forms of pedagogy. Lewis’s essays on these topics have appeared in journals such as Thesis ElevenCultural PoliticsCultural CritiqueSymploke, Angelaki, Educational TheoryCurriculum Inquiry, and Qualitative Inquiry. He has also published many books, including Inoperative Learning: A Radical Rewriting of Educational Potentialities (Routledge, 2017) and Walter Benjamin’s Antifascist Education: From Riddles to Radio (SUNY Press, 2020).