Rita Fadda (University of Cagliari, Italy)


is Full Professor of General and Social Pedagogy in the Department of Pedagogy, Psychology, Philosophy of the University of Cagliari. Past-Chairperson of the degree courses of Pedagogical Sciences and Primary Education Sciences, Past-Head of the Department of Pedagogical and Philosophical Sciences. Scholar of Bachelard’s thought, after several studies upon pedagogy, epistemology and hermeneutics, she addresses the question of the relationship between pedagogy and psychiatry, publishing the essay La cura, la forma, il rischio, Milan, 1997. In 2002 the volume Sentieri della formazione (Roma) is printed. Among her latest works, L’io nell’altro. Sguardi sulla formazione del soggetto (Roma); Nell’universo della sofferenza: L’infermiere dall’oggettivismo tecnico del curare al soggettivismo umanistico dell’aver cura (Napoli), Promessi a una Forma. Vita, esistenza, tempo e cura: lo sfondo ontologico della formazione (Milano), Riflessioni intorno ai concetti di formazione ed educazione (Roma).


Collaborations for Paideutika


  1. Rita Fadda, From the existence as pathos of difference to the domain of indifference. Feeling and acting as places of sense