Notebooks on education and culture

33 – New Series – Year XVII 2021

Telling the Education, otherwise

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Elsa Maria Bruni Saying Paideia, saying Scholé

Mimmo Pesare, Pedagogical Oedipus’ trasformations in the age of the psychic sovereignty

Annachiara Gobbi, The school as a place of knowable and of communicable on the edge of the procedure

Raffaella Diacono, Language as a precondition for human experience in the world. Gadamer and the pedagogical heritage of the hermeneutical philosophy

Matteo Cabassi, From Queer Intersections to Deconstruction: Studying the Pedagogical Complexities of Contemporary TV Series. 13 Reasons Why and the Discussion of Queer and Intersectional Education


Giuseppe AconeThe teoretical surge of Italian Pedagogy in the work of Giancarla Sola


Section edited by Fulvio Papi 


François Jullien, L’apparizione dell’altro (by Gianmarco Pinciroli)
Antonella Tarpino, La memoria imperfetta (by Giuliano Gozzelino)
Roberta Calvano, Scuola e Costituzione, tra autonomie e mercato (by Irene Papa)

Readings from France
Hélène Giannecchini, Voir de ses propres yeux (by Marta Baravalle)
Emmanuel Carrère, Yoga (by Marta Baravalle)