Lilliana Ellena

is research associate at the European University Institute (Fiesole, Italy). Situated in the fields of postcolonial, gender and cultural studies, her research has focused on the visual archive of Italian colonialism, the connection between decolonization, migration and postcolonial memory in postwar Italy and Europe, and on transnational approaches to the history of women’s and feminist movements.
She has edited the new Italian edition of Frantz Fanon, I dannati della terra (Turin, 2000 and 2007) and with Alexander Geppert and Luisa Passerini New Dangerous Liasons. Discourses on Europe and Love in the Last Century (Berghahn Books, 2010). Her work has been published in several Italian and international journals and books. Among her recent works she has edited with Andrea Brazzoduro, Movimenti nel Mediterraneo: relazioni, scambi, conflitti, «Zapruder», n. 33 (2014) and published Geografie della razza nel cinema italiano del primo dopoguerra 1945-1955 (Gaia Giuliani, ed., Il colore della nazione, 2015).

Collaborations for Paideutika


  1. Amongst the Ruins of Colonialism: the Endless Return of Frantz Fanon