Tiziana Pironi, The relationship education/architecture for an open school, from the second post-war period to the Seventies


The present article aims to show how at crucial moment of change of the Italian society, in particular in the immediate post-war period and during the Sixties, there was a need to start a rethinking of the traditional school building in order to achieve an open and community school. It is an issue on which architects, urban planners and pedagogues converge, that will also give rise to significant collaborations, starting from the construction of the Italian-Swiss Village of Rimini in April 1946, which will be considered a reference point during the following years for the conception of a school conceived as a center of human and social development and promotion. Educating architecture will be the leitmotiv that will animate the debate in magazines and conferences – as we shall see – in view of an educational renewal starting from the kindergarten to the low secondary school.


Keywords: school/barracks; architecture; community.

Published on: N. 30 New Series – Year XV 2019 – Spaces and Childhood