Ignazio Volpicelli (University of Rome-Tor Vergata, Italy)


Professor of History of Education at the University of Rome-Tor Vergata, Ignazio Volpicelli is also a
Member of the Commission for the National Edition of the Works of Antonio Labriola, established by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, and Editor-in-Chief of the scientific Journal “I Problemi della Pedagogia”.

His current research is based on the need of stimulating a broader reflection about the tight relationship between the levels of theory and praxis in the domain of education. It aims at defining, even through the analysis of the contributions deriving from different disciplines, a frame of reference of the various epistemological “intuitions”, which have determined the general lines of recent history of pedagogy, intended as field of activity significantly influenced by philosophical interpretations of world and life. In such conceptual frame, it is central to focus on the precariousness and instability of the different attempts to make true Kant’s wish of transforming the art of education into science, due to the growing complexity of the theoretical interpretation of the concept of “science” in pedagogy, and therefore of “education” itself, through its “models and theories”.

Among his main works: Costruzione e struttura della Pedagogia generale. Saggio su Herbart (Lecce, 2016), Herbart e i suoi epigoni. Genesi e sviluppo di una filosofia dell’educazione (Torino, 2003); Modelli e teorie dell’educazione nella pedagogia dell’Ottocento (Napoli, 2001).

Collaborations for Paideutika


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